Sickly children and falling in love

Kids ruin everything.

Maybe not everything…but they wreck your marriage!

My two smalls have been taking turns getting sick. Haven was a fountain of liquids out each end for a week. Ty got RSV, followed by Haven getting sick as well.

I’m pretty sure it’s been planned for months now. They rise early, crawling over my husband and I in our dead slumber, plotting skipped naps and infectious illnesses. They probably go drink out of the toilet too, just to be sure that they contract something!

You think I exaggerate? Nay. I’m blowing my nose loudly in the quietest part of the science building that I could find. I wandered around campus for a good forty minutes to find it. I packed an entire box of tissues in my backpack.

Kids suck. They’re really cute though, and you deceive yourself into believing that they’ll fill some existential void within yourself. Really, they just create a new one.

BUT I DIGRESS! Damon and I had been living like roommates for the last month. Sick kids are the neediest creatures on Earth. One day, you THINK that they’ll start exploring their independence. Maybe today, you’ll get the dishes done. Wouldn’t that be rad? Ooh! Ooh! Maybe the clothes will get put away that have been sitting on the floor of the bedroom for weeks. Maybe you’ll even sneak in some sex…dare to dream.

I felt like I was losing my friggin husband. Between our sickly babies, my sickness, and alllllllll the things that needed done, he was tired. I was tired. We couldn’t ever spend time alone even just talking. Haven is going through an exciting new toddler phase called “DON’T TALK TO MY DADDY OR LOOK AT HIM! HE’S MINE!!!!” Friggin territorial little princess. She freaked out when Damon tried talking to me in the shower. I don’t know why they always pick these moments to dogpile us, but they do.

I had enough.

I headed out to work, after saying some very unkind things to my poor husband. After a good shift, I returned home and said a prayer in the car. I prayed to be in love with Damon again. I said “Look, I’m spent. But if I put forth some effort, will you fill in the gaps? Please? I want to fall crazy in love with him again.”

I walked in the door of my house. To my utter shock, Ty did not immediately crawl over like I was rescuing him from a prison camp. He was actually chipper! The living room was vacuumed…thank goodness. Haven was plopped on Damon’s lap as he read her Dr. Seuss. It was adorable.

And we made out in the kitchen. We haven’t made out in….okay this is embarrassing…forget that timeline. But it was good. Really good. Ty ended up climbing up between us, gripping my pants, wailing for attention. Babies can smell romance from another room. We made out on the couch too, with Haven jumping up on Damon’s back. But it happened.

Somehow, that did it. It worked. It’s only Day #2 of this newfound happiness and loveliness. I’m going to try not to let it burn out for awhile.




Sickly children and falling in love

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